Town Officers

Animal Control Officer Kerry Olson (802) 375-1179
Emergency Management Coordinator Mike diMonda
Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator Vacant
Green-Up Chairman Melanie Virgilio
Health Officer Vacant
Deputy Health Officer Vacant
Pound Keeper Kerry Olson (802) 375-1179
Service Officer Samuel Liss (802) 375-9510
Town Forest Fire Warden Vacant
Tree Warden Selectboard
Webmaster Mark Hyde
Zoning Administrator Missy Johnson
Bennington County Regional Commission Representatives:
Term Expires March 2020 Ed Bove
Term Expires March 2019 Steven Bendix
Planning Board:
Term Expires March 2020 Ed Bove
Term Expires March 2019 Scott Magrath
Term Expires March 2020 Tucker Kimball
Term Expires March 2020 Lewis Herbert
Term Expires March 2019 Vacant
Zoning Board:
Term Expires 2020 Robert Alexander
Term Expires 2020 Peter Van Haverbeke (Chair)
Term Expires 2020 Robert Faley
Term Expires 2021 Peter Van Vleck, Jr.
Term Expires 2019 Vacant
Justice of the Peace:
Gloria Alexander  (802) 375-1281
James Ayrey
Rose Stone  (802) 375-2258
Sally Stone  (802) 375-2258
Sally Ayrey
 TOWN MODERATOR  (1 year term) Sally Ayrey
 TOWN CLERK (3 year term) Expires 2019 Rose Keough
 TREASURER (3 year term) Expires 2019 Rose Keough
 Term Expires 2019 (3 year term) Mark Hyde (Chair)
 Term Expires 2020 (3 year term) Rick Timmerman
 Term Expires 2019 (1 year term) Melanie Virgilio
 Term Expires 2019 (1 year term) Steven Bendix
 Term Expires 2021 (3 year term) Jon French (Clerk)
 FIRST CONSTABLE (1 year term) Jessse Stone
 SECOND CONSTABLE (1 year term) Renee Tobin
 DELINQUENT TAX COLLECTOR (1 year term) Richard Davis, II  (802) 733-1571 – after 3:30PM. Office hours at Town Hall on the 1st and 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6-8PM
 Term Expires 2018 (1 year term) Vacant
 Term Expires 2021 (3 year term) Peter VanVleck, Jr.
 Term Expires 2016 (3 year term) Vacant
 Term Expires 2020 (3 year term) Kathleen Johnston
 Term Expires 2019 (3 year term) Lucille Morse
 Term Expires 2021 (3 year term) Neil Humphrey
 Term Expires 2019 (3 year term) Ted Rappahahn
 Term Expires 2017 (3 year term) Vacant
 Term Expires 2015 (3 year term) Vacant
 TOWN GRAND JUROR (1 year term) James Ayrey
 TOWN AGENT (1 year term) James Ayrey