By voter approval the Sunderland property taxes are due in equal installments on October 15th and the following April 15th.  Any tax not paid by these dates is subject to interest charges of one percent per month for each of the first three months and then one and one half percent per month thereafter.

All current taxes are paid to:

Town of Sunderland
Attn: Treasurer
104 Mountain View Road
Sunderland, VT 05250

On April 16th any unpaid taxes are then deemed delinquent and are subject to an eight percent penalty.  Anyone wishing to make arrangements or pay the delinquent taxes can call:

Delinquent Tax Collector
Richard Davis, II
Phone: (802) 733-1571

Richard is available for office hours at the Town Hall as needed.  Please contact him for his availability.

Sunderland Delinquent Tax Collection Policy – Implemented June 7 2018