Welcome to the Town of Sunderland

The Town of Sunderland is located within Bennington County, in Vermont´s southwest corner.  In recent years residents and visitors have branded this beautiful region nestled between the Taconic and Green Mountains as The Shires of Vermont.  Located between Bennington, the South Shire, and Manchester, the North Shire, Sunderland is surrounded by mountains and enriched by the waters of the famous Batten Kill that runs through the valley.  Sunderland and the towns around it have historically been a popular four season destination for those seeking an authentic Vermont experience.  You’ll find canoeing, tubing, camping, mountain biking, hiking and skiing close by.  All within a 4 hour drive from New York City, Hartford, Boston, Northern New Jersey and Canada.

Latest News and Announcements:

The Kelley Stand Road is now OPEN!  The Sunderland Selectboard passed a resolution to reopen the Kelley Stand Road at Monday nights meeting (Sept 15th, 2014).  The work to restore the road is completed and the road is now safe again for traffic.  The road has a 25 MPH speed limit and we encourage everyone to stay within that.  We anticipate heavier then normal traffic on the road, so please be careful if visiting the new section of road.  The forest service has removed all camping sites in the restored section due to safety and sanitation concerns.  This policy maybe revised in the future if there is strong opposition to this new policy, however, this is a national policy that the forest service is implementing throughout the country.  If any questions please contact highway@sunderlandvt.org or town@sunderlandvt.org.

Household Hazardous Waste Event in Dorset on Saturday October 4, 2014 9-1AM.  Details here:  Dorset October 4 2014 HHW Flyer

Coveraged Bridge Painting.  The coveraged bridge on Sunderland Hill Rd will be painted over the next 6-8 weeks beginning on August 28th.  There are not expected to be major closures of the bridge, however, it is possible for some delays to take place while work is being done.  There is currently lead paint on the bridge and so special procedures, such as storing the scraped paint as hazardous material, are necessary.  If you have any questions or concerns please email highway@sunderlandvt.org

Sunderland has won the Bike & Pedestrian Grant from the State of Vermont.  The town has won the full $30,000 that was requested and the Safe Roads Committee is now working on moving forward with the grant by selecting a consultant to create a proposed project for the town.  If interested in getting involved please send an email to town@sunderlandvt.org.

Sunderland Town Hall Project Update:  The walls are up and construction is proceeding quickly.  Current project completion is scheduled for the end of October.

Sunderland has a number of vacant positions.  If interested please send a letter of intent to the Sunderland Selectboard at selectboard@sunderlandvt.org or to the town clerk at town@sunderlandvt.org

Planning Board Opening:  The Sunderland Planning Board has an opening due to a member stepping down.  The Planning Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7PM at the Sunderland Elementary School.  If interested in the position please submit a letter of interest to the selectboard at selectboard@sunderlandvt.org or mail to PO BOX 295, East Arlington, VT 05252-0295.

Lister – 1 open position – Listers are integral to determine the assessment each person should pay taxes upon.  Listers are directed to appraise all taxable property in the town at 100 percent of the fair market value.

Auditor – 1 open position – The job of an auditor is to “examine and adjust the accounts of all town and town school district officers and all other persons authorized by law to draw orders on the town treasurer.”  The second is to “report their findings in writing and to cause the same to be mailed or otherwise distributed to the legal voters of the town”.

The latest BCRC newsletter can be viewed here:  BCRC Summer 2014 SWIP Newsletter

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