Welcome to the Town of Sunderland

The Town of Sunderland is located within Bennington County, in Vermont´s southwest corner.  In recent years residents and visitors have branded this beautiful region nestled between the Taconic and Green Mountains as The Shires of Vermont.  Located between Bennington, the South Shire, and Manchester, the North Shire, Sunderland is surrounded by mountains and enriched by the waters of the famous Batten Kill that runs through the valley.  Sunderland and the towns around it have historically been a popular four season destination for those seeking an authentic Vermont experience.  You’ll find canoeing, tubing, camping, mountain biking, hiking and skiing close by.  All within a 4 hour drive from New York City, Hartford, Boston, Northern New Jersey and Canada.

Latest News and Announcements:

The Town of Sunderland will hold a second public meeting for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Scoping Study project to discuss possible alternatives for pedestrian and bicycle improvements along Sunderland Hill Road and Hill Farm Road.  The study is considering the need for improvements that would enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists traveling in the project area.  We invite property owners, all residents and other interested parties to attend a meeting on September 29, 2015 at 7:00PM at the Sunderland Town Hall where alternative concepts for the improvements will be presented.  After the presentation, the attendees will have an opportunity to provide input on the project and the alternative concepts.  View the full meeting flyer here: Alternatives Meeting Flyer

The Sunderland Selectboard adopted a Junk Ordinance at the regular warned meeting on August 17, 2015.  The full ordinance can be found here:  Town of Sunderland Ordinance Regulating The Outdoor Storage Of Junk and Junk Vehicles

September 1 and 2 Bennington County – Flood Insurance Meetings

The Bennington County maps showing high risk flood hazard areas will officially change on December 2. Two open house events are scheduled for people that want to learn more about flood risk, flood insurance and the effect of the map update.   Is your house or business in a hazard area?   This is a particularly important question for buildings that are identified as at a high risk on the December map but not at high risk on the older map.

At these events Bennington county residents can meet one-on-one with Federal and State officials to identify if their building is in a Special Flood Hazard Area.   FEMA insurance specialists will be on hand to discuss flood insurance requirements and opportunities to make your building safer and less costly to insure.  The new December 2015 flood maps can be viewed on the Flood Ready Atlas tinyurl.com/floodreadyatlas .   Use Flood Ready Tools to “Find Address” and “Toggle Flood Data On”.   The older maps can be viewed on FEMA’s Map Service Center www.msc.fema.gov .

FEMA Flood Information Open House Events:

  • Tuesday September 1, 4-6:30 pm Manchester at the Spiral Press Café, 15 Bonnet Street, and
  • Wednesday September 2, 4 -7 pm Bennington at the Bennington Free Library, 101 Silver Street

The Planning Board recently approved a new version of the Sunderland Town Plan which mainly contains updated census information.  This will now come before the Selectboard at the next meeting on September 8th, 2015.  The full plan can be viewed here:  Sunderland Town Plan

There is now free WiFi available at the Sunderland Town Hall.  It can be accessed both inside and outside of the building.  There is also a computer available that allows access to the internet and it can be used during normal office hours.

Front Porch Forum (local electronic forum where we post town information)  Join at http://frontporchforum.com

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