Welcome to the Town of Sunderland

The Town of Sunderland is located within Bennington County, in Vermont´s southwest corner.  In recent years residents and visitors have branded this beautiful region nestled between the Taconic and Green Mountains as The Shires of Vermont.  Located between Bennington, the South Shire, and Manchester, the North Shire, Sunderland is surrounded by mountains and enriched by the waters of the famous Batten Kill that runs through the valley.  Sunderland and the towns around it have historically been a popular four season destination for those seeking an authentic Vermont experience.  You’ll find canoeing, tubing, camping, mountain biking, hiking and skiing close by.  All within a 4 hour drive from New York City, Hartford, Boston, Northern New Jersey and Canada.

Latest News and Announcements:

Arlington School to Rec Park Pedestrian Connection Meeting.  February 2nd, 6PM at the Arlington Town Offfice.  The full flyer can be viewed here: local concerns flyer

Sunderland Safe Roads Committee meeting.  February 10th at 6:30PM at the Sunderland Town Hall.  The agenda can be seen here:  Safe Road Committee Meeting

If you missed the Sunderland Town Hall Grand Opening celebration you can watch a video of the event here:   Sunderland Town Hall Grand Opening

If you would like to run for a position in Sunderland now is the time to submit your petition.  There are a number of positions up for election including Lister, Auditor and Selectboard.  If interested a petition must be filled out and submitted to the Town Clerk.

Front Porch Forum (local electronic forum where we post town information)  Join at http://frontporchforum.com

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