Welcome to the Town of Sunderland

The Town of Sunderland is located within Bennington County, in Vermont´s southwest corner.  In recent years residents and visitors have branded this beautiful region nestled between the Taconic and Green Mountains as The Shires of Vermont.  Located between Bennington, the South Shire, and Manchester, the North Shire, Sunderland is surrounded by mountains and enriched by the waters of the famous Batten Kill that runs through the valley.  Sunderland and the towns around it have historically been a popular four season destination for those seeking an authentic Vermont experience.  You’ll find canoeing, tubing, camping, mountain biking, hiking and skiing close by.  All within a 4 hour drive from New York City, Hartford, Boston, Northern New Jersey and Canada.

Latest News and Announcements:

Sunderland Act 46 Community Forum will be held on Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30 p.m. at Sunderland Elementary School
The intention of this public forum is to inform the community about the current Act 46 legislation and how it will impact our community. Current members of the Northshire Merger Study Committee from Sunderland will be on hand to answer questions. All community members are invited and encouraged to attend this important meeting. Please tell a neighbor and encourage their attendance as well.

Vermont General Election Warning for Sunderland voters:  2016 Vermont General Election Warning

The closed Sunderland Landfill will be tested for PFOA in the coming weeks.  When the town gets the results they will be posted here.

Want to get more involved in town government?
The Town of Sunderland is looking for local residents interested in taking an active role in their town government. While we have a very dedicated group serving in a number of roles now, we need to expand the number of residents who are involved. Being involved in the management and oversight of the town allows you to get involved and guide policy as well as ensure your fellow citizens enjoy their time in Sunderland as much as you do.

Positions with immediate openings include:
Zoning Administrator, Zoning board, Planning board, Lister, Auditor, Health Officer, Election workers, as well as a position on the Cemetery board.  These positions vary greatly in regard to time commitment. The Zoning Administrator may require up to 5 hours a week, while other positions require only a few hours every few months. They also come with pay that ranges from $200 a year to $30 per hour.

For more information on getting involved, contact Sunderland Selectboard member John Williams at VermontJW@yahoo.com com, or at 802 375 9968.

The Northshire Merger Study Committee has created an Act 46 Informational Page to help keep the community informed. Jen Rosenthal and Nancy Wolf represent the town of Sunderland on this committee.

The Sunderland Safe Roads Final Report has been issued and split into two documents due to its large size.  If you have a slow connection it may take some time to download.
Sunderland Safe Roads Scoping Study Report – 14MB in size
Sunderland Safe Roads Scoping Study Appendices – 10MB in size

Free WiFi is available at the Sunderland Town Hall.  There is also a computer available that allows access to the internet and it can be used during normal office hours.

Front Porch Forum (local electronic forum where we post town information)  Join at http://frontporchforum.com